the little girl, the mud and the prince





Conversation with my little friend today after we cleared out the mud for the horses waterhole and had a lot of fun building a island in the creek for Mr and Mrs Frog : “ Ok, if i m a cowgirl i ll be a boss. But i need a leader“ . I ask her: “ What do you need a leader for?“ She thinks hard for a moment then answers : “ To be protected. And to tell him what to do“. ( A silent listener in the hammock nearby drops the remark “ that is commonly called A HUSBAND.) She however takes my hand and asks: “ Can you be my leader?“. I take her in my arm and respond; well yes, i can protect you. But if you need to “ tell someone around“ as you must, being a cowgirl boss, i think i m unsuitable. She is devastated. Who can she find her “ leader“? She hushes off to get some stuff done but returns soon asking if we can continue our conversation. Sure , i say. So how do i find him, she asks. Hmmmm, i say, i wished i knew. But if you continue to live your blessed little life the way you do sweetheart, i m sure he ll be standing at your door one day and teach you what a real guide has as a offering to give.❤️ ( She was 5. That sweet little tough cow- girl).

– Cordula Frei