The meaning of a consciousness process

The meaning of a consciousness process


An Attempt to Bring Order out of Chaos — Maybe

Hal Stone, PhD

I want  to express a few thoughts about questions that have been directed towards me an ever increasing number of times.  What is the difference between  spirituality and religion?  What is the Soul exactly and how does it fit in to things?   What is the meaning of Organizing Intelligence?  This article is a first attempt to bring things together in what I hope is a coherent fashion.  I have kept it as short and concise as possible to keep it tight and focused in my own mind and I hope in yours.  I would appreciate your comments, reactions and recommendations.


I  see the Organizing Intelligence as being the original energy of creation and it continues to be so.  It channels through each of us from places unknown and resonates with parts of our brain and bodies that are hardwired to resonate with this Intelligence.

The Intelligence wishes each of us to fulfill are own destinies in the same way that an embryo becomes a baby and then grows into adulthood and then dies where it joins the „energy out there“ again and goes through a process until it re-enters in another life.  There is a blue print for this kind of evolution and there is a blueprint for each of us in our own evolution.  Tapping into this blueprint gives life an entirely new meaning

The Intelligence doesn’t want us to be identified with any kind of Self or system.  It is constantly separating us from what we are married to psychologically.  It wants us available to embrace all things whiled being surrendered to the Organizing Intelligence itself.

What is of particular importance is that this Intelligence is separate from Spirituality.  It represents a totally different process.  It requires that we embrace Spirituality as is required by our own fate and destiny but it equally requires us to embrace all of the energies required for living a successful  life in a body on earth.

The Aware Ego process is the direct road to the experience of this Intelligence.  There is something about standing between opposites and holding the tension between that provides a kind of sacred space.  Doing this with another person intensifies this experience.  Learning to live life in this way where we constantly are separating from primary selves and and experiencing their opposites and then learning to carry the tension between them becomes a new path in and of itself.  It is not a spiritual path though spirituality is a part of it.  It is not an earth path to success though that is part of it too. For the time being we would call it the path of the Aware Ego process.

As we spend more and more time on this path there are some very deep changes that occur and the most important one is the increasing experience of the Organizing Intelligence which we experience primarily in our dreams but which also occurs in a variety of other ways.  The dream process gives us the clearest picture of the workings of this Intelligence in an ongoing process.  As we begin to experience it as the Inner Teacher it was meant to be our relationship to Spiritual and Eartha Energy evolutions begins to change and we realize that we can no longer be identified with either side.


In much earlier times we were simply physical beings of the animal kingdom.  Then there occurred an increasing development of the mind and brain and along with this there began to develop Worship.  We began to worship the deities of heaven and earth.  The grown of food crops were associated with goddesses of growth and fertility.  War was connected with divinities of war and battle.  As the times continued to evolve this worship became associated with „the other reality“.  There was the physical body supported by our instinctually and archetypal patterns of support for life.  There was the Spiritual world that was connected to the worship of Gods and Goddesses in all different ways and all different forms.

Spirituality we define as the direct experience of these „Other“ energies.   These energies may also be referred to as transcendental; as divine;  as other worldly; as beyond the ordinary experiences of living.  And so there emerged an increasingly strong duality between our physical body with all of it’s desires and passions and emotionality and that in us which is connected to this other world of transcendental reality.  It has been a world of duality.  It is the Aware Ego process that gives us the chance to embrace all of it

Our earth energies are connected to our instinctual life which supports our ability to stay alive and find food and pro-create.  Earth energies are connected primarily to our physical body, our emotional body, our personality in general; our psychological makeup — the way we develop our primary selves without knowing that we are doing so.  They are also connected to our interpersonal relations and how we live them in the world.


We are defining religion as the institutionalization of spiritual experience.  All Religions begin with a Spiritual experience.  These vary enormously depending on our past life experiences with the spiritual world, the training in our family systems and the many cultures in which we live.  When someone has a spiritual experience we feel the reality of the transcendental realm.  We feel the „otherness“ we may never have known and out of this experience many changes occur.  Other people gather around the original receiver and they want to have this experience also.  Before long there is a group.

As numbers increase and we move farther away in time from the original experience, rules begin to be established by the original group or key members at any particular time.  The rules begin to cover more and more aspects of life covering who can be a part of the group; the rules for proper worship; who can be priests and many many other areas of conduct.  Somewhere along the line of this process Spirituality has disappeared from the system and we have a Religion with a multiplicity of religious groups.  These groups my perform many service functions as a part of their repertoire but the direct experience of transcendental reality is no longer available.  They come in different ways in different religions but they are more isolated also may receive a very negative reaction from the powers that be.

Rules are not a bad thing. We must have them for a society to survive.  They need to be balanced.  Older systems of ethics take a rule and make it an ethical law.  We must learn the rule that is opposite to the original rule so that we can regain balance and eliminate and Good versus Evil mentality of most religions and traditional ethical systems.

The use of the word God has developed primarily in relationship to spiritual evolution and religion.  Hundreds of millions of people have turned their backs on Religion and spirituality because they  were injured by the rigidification of form that has become so all consuming in the Religion forming process.  They reject the concept of God.  What they are being offered is a clarification of process at this time.  If they can experience the Organizing or Divine Intellgence then they can connect to their transcendental nature and they do not have anything expected of them.  There is no baggage of religious rules.  At a very deep level it is this issue that lies behind the position Sidra and have taken from the beginning that we would not certify Voice Dialogue.  We didn’t understand at this level in the beginning but now it is clear as a bell.  Certification of Soul based realities and processes must end in a system of rules and regulations that can only end in the codification of process.  But all is not lost.  This is of little concern to the Intelligence.  It just picks itself up and goes to another playing field where if finds new people to dance with.


The soul is a mediating energy that has been hard wired into human beings.  It is an energy system, an ongoing process that lies dormant until is is awakened  by some event, inner or outer, to call it into the transformational process.  It’s  job is to help us to build a bridge between the reality of our physical being on the ones side and presence reality of our transcendental nature on the other side.  Originally this would have been referred to as the mediating energy between our physical vehicle and our spiritual energetic system.  Now we must add to this the reality of the Organizing Intelligence which has helped to create ad organize the nature of both our spiritual and our earthly selves.

Once awakened the soul is constantly striving to build this bridge between these realities.  It is not trying to get rid of the body.  That is an ancient spiritual idea that has ossified into a religious form.  The thought form is that the body is bad and spirituality  is good.  The Soul knows that both are essential and does not make these judgments.  It’s job is to help us embrace both sides.  If a spiritual experience leads us away from living life itself in a successful and grounded way then you may assume the the Soul reality is missing from the person and process represented with this idea.  The Soul process never turns us against the living of life on the planet.  It is a brilliant piece of consciousness software conceived by the Intelligence.

Here is an example of soul based intervention to help in the understanding of this issue.  A man- we will call him Ralph – develops cancer and is very upset. He goes to many doctors and clinics and hears all the medical protocols and chooses to work with one group.  The primary Oncologist is Dr. B. and he is the best of his kind in the field.  He knows all that there is to know about treating cancer.  He tells him he has a 70 percent chance of a full recovery and a full life.  He provides the best advice and treatment available for the physical body.  The only problem is that it is not Soul based.  Dr. B is not connected to the Soul.  There is no process in him that is available to help him build a bridge to the world of Organizing Intelligence and/or the world of Spirit.

Does this mean that our patient should not do what he is planning to do?  Not at all!  That is not for us to say.  I know that if I had cancer I would want it taken out of my body.  the problem is that our patient feels unhappy. He feels lost. He feels like he has dried straw in his mouth.  He has no sense of meaning any longer because all meaning was tied up in things physical.  Even his feelings of love are eroded by the presence of death and pain that now haunt him in his life.

Now let us imagine that this man sees a Teacher or Therapist who is soul based in some way.  The patient tells him that he has heard that therapy can help some people with cancer.  Does he, the therapist, feel it could help him in his treatment.  The therapist answers approximately in this way.

„Look Ralph –I don’t know anything about treating cancer.  It is a difficult illness and yours is a serious case and you  are facing all kinds of fears of death and mutilation and suffering.  It’s difficult.  I know that.  What I do know is that adversity of all kinds can provide us with the chance  to learn about ourselves in a new and different way.  I know that illness, and cancer in particular, can be a wonderful teacher.  I have seen this happen over and over again through the years.

If you want to work with me and use this terrible news as an opportunity for an entirely new and different kind of exploration, then I would be very happy to see you.  If all you can focus on is getting rid of the cancer, then I’m not the right person for you to see.  If you ask if this work can help overall then all I can say is that I have never seen the deepening of a person’s consciousness as resulting in anything but a very positive feeling of movement and well being in their life.“

Ralph feels better immediately.  His Soul has heard this conversation.  He feels meaning and purpose again.  It feels familiar to him in some strange way — like a feeling of deja vu. Nothing has changed but he feels different.  There is a way but it isn’t what he expected.  His soul based nature has awoken from a long and deep sleep by a teacher who was speaking not just to the him on the outside but also to the sleeping soul on the inside.

Let us add a second example to help in the clarification of the nature of soul reality.  In the seventies it was very popular to say to someone who was ill: „You created your cancer and you can heal it.“  The implication here is that your own psyche caused your cancer and because of this truth then your have the psychic power to get rid of it.  I have seen many many people in my life die the most terrible deaths because they heard this statement and identified with it in such a way that it became the driving  force of their life.  Their Inner Critics were so totally activated by this advice that when they went through their death process they were constantly blaming themselves for what they never did or couldn’t do.  If only they had meditated ore or if only they could visualize more effectively and on and on and on.  It was terrible to watch.

The statement is first of all not true.  We do not create our illness in some kind of causal way.  There may be psychogenic factors that are a part of any illness but to blame oneself for the cancer is silly at best and massively destructive at worse. We live in a world of toxic water and toxic foods and excessive radiation and environmental hazards that are too numerous to even explore at this time.  What is most important is that this statement is not soul based in any way.  It is power based.  You have the psychic power to create your illness and you have the psychic power to get rid of it.  This is simply another example of a power based statement that still is rampant in spiritual circles.  When something is Soul based one feels better.  One feels a healing presence.  One feels awakened to other realities and to new possibilities.  The Inner Critic’s power is lessened.  The push and the compulsive drive to do things is lessened because one is feeling the inner world begin to hum the vibrations of the larger universe that is being awakened by the gentle ministrations of this remarkable soul presence that was programed us into us to help in this most difficult task of embracing both heaven and earth.


Consciousness is not a thing but rather a process.  It can be used as a noun when we refer to the state of a person’s consciousness.  It is simply not static.

For us consciousness is the process whereby all levels that we have talked about are in operation.  Some may be dormant at a certain time but overall the consciousness process deals with the overall Organizing Intelligence at the top of the pyramid.  Extending out from this are the energies related to leading a successful life on earth — a very large body of selves.  Coming out of the other side of Intelligence is the totality of Spiritual reality and this has to be separated from the rules and regulations of Religions where the Spiritual reality is no  longer a major presence.

There are three levels by which we examine all of these factors. There is the level of Awareness.  This has allowed us to develop what has been called the Witness state. Here we can step back and observe but without any thought of action.  It is the first level of separation from all inner and outer events.

Secondly there is the experience of life, of the selves, of all energies both of earth which includes the instincts and mind and emotions and rules and on the other side is the world of transcendendent reality.  We must feel the reality of life.  If someone is on a path of spiritual transcendence that leads to spiritual enlightenment or reaching higher and higher spiritual states then for us this is a legitimate path of spiritual evolution.  It is not however a consciousness path. In a consciousness path there must be an  embracing of what it means to live on earth. We must learn to love on earth and not just on other planes of consciousness.  We must honor life on earth for the remarkable teaching that it brings to us.  We must learn that the need to live in relationships and in community is not simply task to be shunned but to be embraced with all our soul and all our might.  Such language does not belong only to spiritual presence.

Thirdly there is the Aware Ego Process which is based on the surrender to the Organizing Intelligence and which leads inexorably to an experience of this Intelligence.  This process represents a major shift in consciousness which will be the basis of future exploration and study for many many years ahead.

Not every therapist or teacher will be working at all these levels just as people in general may not be experiencing all of this at one time.  It is a picture of where we are going.  It is why we must think of consciousness as a psycho-spiritual process all of which is under the aegis of the Organizing Intelligence.  We use the terms consciousness process and psycho-spiritual process interchangeably at the present time.  This may change with time.


I am aware that such definitions as I have made here are indeed arbitrary choices.  There is so much confusion about the terminology that I have felt the need to offer these ideas to a larger audience.  I am aware that there are some very large thoughts here but the Organizing Intelligence has manifested in me in a very strong way and it is my deepest hope that many of you who read this will resonate with some of these ways of looking at the consciousness process and a psycho=spiritually oriented model of therapy that has evolved through the relationship on earth between Sidra and myself with much much help from the Intelligence and from the spiritual and earth oriented oriented energy systems that we have been fortunate enough to suffer with, learn from in a constantly evolving process that never ends.  This is how it feels today. Tomorrow no one knows.

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