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Rewrite your story

Schreib deine Geschichte neu-  Mythen, Narratives Bewusstsein, Voice Dialogue, Traumarbeit. Gastgeber: Akademie für freie Bildungkunst „Everyone has a story. Your story consists of various chapters that span the course of your lifetime. Those chapters run the gamut from happy to sad, traumatic to transformational, and everything in between. Your stories are what make up who you think you are and it’s what determines how you show up in this world.Telling your story is something you do every day. You continually tell yourself the story in your own mind and other times you tell the story to others. Every conversation you have is, in some way, a reflection of a past experience. Your internal dialogue is infused with memories of things that happened before, and you’re either moving toward or away from recreating another version of that experience with nearly every thought you have, every word you say, and every action you take. „(The Chopra Center) Form: Voice Dialogue / Narrative Psychologie/ (Cordula Frei) und  Narratives Bewusstsein entwickeln durch Wortperformanz (Tom Amarque)

Beinhaltet: Einzelsitzungen, Schreibgruppe Schreibcoaching teilweise in der Akademie und nach Bedarf der einzelnen Teilnehmer online. Teil des Zyklus wird in Einzelbegleitung, der andere als Gruppe stattfinden. Termine geben wir deshalb bei Interesse und nach Anmeldung individuell bekannt.

Weitere Dozenten: Alexander Graeff, Schriftsteller und Philosoph; lebt und arbeitet als freier Autor und Dozent für Ästhetik, Ethik und Pädagogik in Berlin und Tom Amarque, Autor, Publizist , Verlagsleiter. Einführung in Wortperformanz und Narrative Psychotherapie: Michael White /on vimeo Postmodern therapists do not believe in “essences.” Knowledge, being socially arrived at, changes and renews itself in each moment of interaction. There are no prior meanings hiding in stories or texts. A therapist with this view will expect a new and hopefully more useful narrative to surface during the conversation, but will see this narrative as spontaneous rather than planned. The conversation, the the therapist is its author.