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Embracing Heaven and Earth

There is a river that runs through our lives, an underground stream that carries our essential being. I have learned that once we enter into that stream, life is no longer lived in the ordinary sense. It becomes a journey, an adventure into unknown waters… The purpose of sharing my particular journey is not to promote a path or a way, but to stir within you the excitement and uniqueness of your own evolutionary process. May you discover your own river and may your life become a meaningful voyage.


The Intelligence doesn’t want us to be identified with any kind of Self or system. It is constantly separating us from what we are married to psychologically. It wants us available to embrace all things whiled being surrendered to the Organizing Intelligence itself. What is of particular importance is that this Intelligence is separate from Spirituality. It represents a totally different process. It requires that we embrace Spirituality as is required by our own fate and destiny but it equally requires us to embrace all of the …


An Attempt to Bring Order out of Chaos — Maybe

Hal Stone, PhD

I want  to express a few thoughts about questions that have been directed towards me an ever increasing number of times.  What is the difference between  spirituality and religion?  What is the Soul exactly and how does it fit in to things?   What is the meaning of Organizing Intelligence?  This article is a first attempt to bring things together in what I hope is a coherent fashion.  I have kept it as short and concise as possible to keep it tight and focused in my own mind and I hope in yours.  I would appreciate your comments, reactions and recommendations.