Und es will Vieles werden
Wir gehen immer verloren,
wenn uns das Denken befällt,
und werden wiedergeboren,
wenn wir uns ahnend der Welt anvertrauen
und treiben, wie Wolken in hellem Wind.
Und alle Grenzen, die bleiben,
sind ferner als Himmel sind.

Und es will Vieles werden, doch wir ergreifen es kaum.
Wie lange sind wir der Erden Ängstliche noch im Traum?

Fragwürdige noch wie lange,
jetzt, da sich schon alles besinnt,
da das, was einstens so bange,
schon klarer vorüberrinnt?

Daß uns ein Sanftes geschähe,
wenn uns der Himmel berührt,
wenn seine atmende Nähe
uns ganz zum Hiersein verführt.

Jean Gebser (1905-1973)


In the mutation of our habitual persona from a mental being towards an integrating agency, or to use Jean Gebsers term „Durchscheinen“, the individual endures a strange, painful loss of the sense of belonging (to something or someone), almost as if the world itself has abandoned his/her very own child, the human creature.

As mental activity ceases and space instead opens for a receptive, transitory and timeless conception of being, we may marvel at those delicate moments of utter surrender to the sense of belonging to the cosmos, a new life virtually been created within us; yet the loss of the adapted self, trained to function in mental structures, can at the same time feel horrendous. When an integrated state of consciousness replaces the nervous haste of mental activity, we may feel like lonesome strangers wandering a land that rejects our very existence. Ghostly, we may observe the handlings and desperate activities of our tribal ancestors who pray to the God of mental activity. We have turned into outcasts, as if a heavy curse was put on us, yet we are free.

Lonesome and quiet, we walk the land and strive in the creative impulse that is now open for us to fully ingest, drilling its delicate nourishment into our cells. Yet hardly anyone will have use for the wonders and miracles we meet as our being is transmuted into a receptive state of dwelling between the worlds.

Cosmos becomes home, yet any spiritual concept or name has vanished, and there are hardly any signs of human sisters or brothers here, for an endless timeless state of being has opened, and as vast as its creative play may be, few have entered. But unwanted or unheard, mankind will, without doubt, discern between those who allow that shift to take them to new wonders and those who control things so that it will not happen. Yet, I feel at times that the dice have landed and the leap has been made, although unwanted by the faculty of mind worship, because in the end, there never was a choice. Thank God!- Cordula Frei